CNY Spring Cleaning Part 1

Ok. I know the Chinese New Year is long over…. and I admit I’m a slow blogger. However, slow is still better than none…:P

I believe spring cleaning before CNY is a standard practise for everyone. Cleaning the mess and clearing unwanted stuffs does take up plenty of time. I took 2 days of leave just to clean the mess and reorganise my comic books in my study room. Can you imagine how messy my room was…haha.

I also took some pictures to show how messy my room was…
My work desks are always in a mess…
Comic books were all in a mess…
I’m really running out place to store my comic books…

Looking at the mess, I was totally at a lost. I do not know where to start! Soon I realise I have to remove almost all my books from the shelves/cupboard, reorganise the titles, wipe both the books and shelves, and finally pack them back nicely. I tell you… it was a tough job!!!!

Same goes for my work desks. Firstly, I removed almost everything from the desk, slowly went through all the stuffs on my table and trashed all unwanted stuffs. It was a time consuming process!

To be continued….