Super Zeroes Comic Book!


The 6-issue anthology project  – MUGEN has finally come to an end after the release of MUGEN issue 6. It has been almost 2 years since our Super Zeroes comic started it’s series in this anthology and now it has reached the final stage – ‘Super Zeroes solo book production’. 2 years of tough but exciting learning journey. Gained lots of valuable experiences on professional graphic novel production and made new friends who share the same dream.

This solo book marks another milestone for our Super Zeroes comic since it’s official launch as ‘dot. comic’ back in March 2006. We definitely do not wish our first book to be our last. This branch of Super Zeroes have more adventures waiting ahead for them and we are more then eager to share with our readers. Last but not least, SUPPORT LOCAL HEROES! SUPPORT SUPER ZEROES!!


Pre-order our Super Zeroes Comic book is now available at only SGD$7.90. Price include postage within Singapore. Special arrange can be made for postage outside Singapore. Drop us a line or message with your contact for further details.

Happy 1st Brithday… Xavier!

Xavier turns 1 on 17th April. We held a small celebration for him at our house on 12th April. The kids were all having lots of fun while the adults were busy catching up with each other. Too bad our house wasn’t big enough, if not we might be able to invite more friends.

He had his hair cut few days before the celebration. I heard he cried through out… T_T
A group photo of the kids playing in our bedroom. It’s so diffcult to get all the kids to pose in front of the camera…. they will never keep still..
Solo shot of Xavier.
Getting ready for the ‘Tu-tu train’….
Playing with bubbles outside the lift lobby….
Singing of birthday song to Xavier. It was Justin’s Birthday as well and we bought a separate cake for him too:)
Xavier and Shermayne really enjoy eating the cake…

On the actual day of his Birthday, 17th April, we bought another cake and had another round of cake cutting session with him again.

Unwrapping of presents….
Happy 1st Birthday…. Xavier!!!

Macros Using Raynox 250.

Bought the Raynox 150 and 250 online and was excited to try it out. Before trying, I saw lot of very nice macros shots taken using Raynox in some photography forum, and thought it would be easy to provide equally nice or even better pictures:P However, I soon realise it wasn’t as easy as what I have expected. It was tough, especially in the focusing part. Lot of practices needed to achieve good result. Anyway, here are my 2 humble attempt:)