An Hour of free time…

Occasionally, after sending Shermayne to her enrichment class on Saturday, I have an hour of “free time”. This is the only time when I actually walk around with my camera and taking pictures. I not really into land/city-scapes photography, therefore there are usually not much good photos taken…haha. However, I do enjoy the moment of “freedom”.:)

boontatstFor the above picture, I played around with the channel mixer in PS, trying to make this ordinary shot looks a little special.

sexplorerA row of trishaws at Chinatown area.

carNo words needed for this…. my dream car… haha….

Killer Swine!!!

The recent outbreaks of the H1N1 aka ‘Swine Flu’ has caused much fear globally. This makes me wonder… is there a killer swine on the loose?? I know a particular swine who might be responsible for this…. LOL


It all started out as a sketching practice and decided to fill in the colors….


I also did a “WANTED” poster for this Killer Swine…


Water Droplet.

Always wanted to try taking pictures of water droplets, so decided to try it out after one of the raining day. Nothing fanciful, just another simple attempt using Raynox 250. I changed the tone in Photoshop and pushed up the contrast. I believe shooting morning dew will be much more exciting and beautiful. However, there is one major problem…. which mean I will have to wake up very early in the morning… which will be extremely tough for me. Ha ha…