Chinese Temple.

I had my ‘1 hour of free time‘ again, so it’s time for some leisure walk about and photos taking. It was my first time walking into a temple with a camera and I am not sure if they allow photography. Anyway, I did not see any sign that says ‘No Photography’, so I think I am safe:) It was a Saturday afternoon and surprisingly, there weren’t many people around except for a few tourists. Ha… it was a perfect opportunity for me as I try to ‘blend in’ and act as if I’m one of them and happily snapping away. Still I don’t feel too comfortable being alone, so after taking a few shots, I decided to leave.

Here are 3 pictures to share…



I also did another one in black and white version.


Get your Superzeroes Comic Now!!!


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Art card design 1
Art card design 2

Free your mind!

Sometimes I feel we are trapped within our minds and are not truthful to ourselves. A lot of time we do not act according to what we think we should do. People always envy others for their success and hope to have the same achievement, but most of the time it was just wishful thoughts and no actions done. Thinking and waiting for the right opportunities to come by. Hoping that someone somewhere will bring the right “key” to our success. Over and over again, our thoughts begin to get distorted, faded and soon trapped within our minds. We always forget that we are the one having the right “key” to our own success and not others. So it’s time to free our Mind!!!


Shermayne and Xavier Part 2.

Sharing another 2 random snapshots of Shermayne and Xavier. These 2 photos were actually taken somewhere in Sept last year. Sometime looking at photos make you realise how fast kids can ‘grow’ and how merciless time can be…. haha. Please pardon my ‘back dated’ photos post. I need more time to go through all the photos in my hard drive and choose the photos I like best before I post it here.