Old Photos New Look.

10 more days and we will say good-bye to 2009.  The reason for this post is because I do not wish to end my December without a single post…. hahaha. Therefore, I going to ‘cheat’ a little. I’m going to use some old photos taken same where this year and add some spice to give it a ‘New Look’. This way, at least I have something ‘new’ to post..:P

I removed the color of the background in this photo, so that more focus and attention will be on Xavier’s expression.

Black and white version. I added some texture to the background.

For this… I try to create a more vintage look by desaturating the color and adding texture to it.

The black and white version.

I like this shot a lot, as I find the kite in the sky was a good ‘catch’. It really makes the composition of this photo looks great:)

The following 2 shots are good friends of Shermayne and Xavier. Introducing…. Justin and Joelle!!! They are also my usual ‘model’ during the weekends when they meet up to play.

I personally like this photo of Justin a lot. It would be perfect if I could move a step backward to get a better focus on him…. Hope for better luck next time:P

For Joelle’s photo, I really love the angle of this shot. I cropped a little off the left and added texture to it as well:)