First post and first buy in twenty ten.

This is indeed a great start in 2010. I have been eyeing on the iPhone ever since Singtel launched it back in 2008. Finally when M1 launched their iPhone, I’m eager to get one. My wife and I went down to M1 shop yesterday to check on the plans and re-contract for iPhone. However, the staff told us that my wife’s contract ended already, but my current contract will only due in December 2010 and there will be a penalty of $100 if I were to re-contract now. I was so disappointed upon hearing this… then he continued…. “but this penalty of $100 will be waived if you purchase the iPhone…”. Yeah!!! That is what we wanted to buy:)

The queue was long and we waited for about an hour before we were being served by the friendly staff of M1. Then, we spent about another 1 and a half hour understanding the iPhone plan and doing all the necessary documents. While doing the documents, we took out our hand phones and asked:” do you think we can trade-in our current phones?”…. He took a look at our phones and to our surprise, my very ragged and dirty phone still worth $90 while my wife’s well taken care and (IMO) better phone was rejected. I remember getting my phone at $0 when I signed my previous contract and now they are buying back at $90??!!! What a Great Deal!! Haha…:)

Now we finally have our iPhone. White for my wife and black for myself.:)

Sexy back of the iPhone.

…and oh… this will be our pre-valentine’s day gift exchange.:) Cool!

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