Painting Progress for CNY illustration.

For this year CNY(Chinese New Year) greeting illustration, I saved the progress. Not a very detail one though, I still hope to share with you the steps of how I did this illustration.

In this illustration, the tiger was painted separately as one and Shermayne and Xavier with the balloons as one. Even the sketches were done separately.

After scanning in the sketches, I started working on the tiger first. First I changed the blue color sketches to brown and filled the background with a color which I wanted to use (it is always better to choose a mid tone color). Then I would quickly add on the colors for the tiger to get a over all feel.

From here on, it’s all about getting the values and shades right….

… then I would start adding in the details like the fur, the folds for the clothes, etc….

After finishing the tiger, I moved on to Shermayne and Xavier. Before I started painting, I decided to change their dressing to something more oriental. This is to suit the mood of the CNY.

I started working on Shermayne’s face first, trying to get everything right. Once I get things right on her face, the rest will be quite simple, especially when they both share the same skin tone. I can always “color pick” from her when painting on Xavier’s face….

After finishing on Shermayne, I moved on to Xavier and lastly to the balloons….

This will be how they look like individually before putting them together as one….

Finally I would move them together as one, adding some textures to the background and adding some shadows, and it’s done:)

I did a 100% crop on various part of the painting as well:)

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