X’mas Invitation and Season’s Greeting.

This year, I did an invitation card for Shermayne and Xavier to invite their friends to our X’mas party. Something special about this invitation card is that I actually got Shermayne involved in creating this illustration. I asked her to draw a snowman, X’mas tree and write the words “merry x’mas” and sign off with her name. I then put her drawing in as part of my illustration. So this is the first artwork that is officially collaborated by Shermayne and myself, with both our signature on it.:)

Here is the close-up on Shermayne’s drawing….Next year, I will definitely get Xavier involve as well.

To make life easier for me, I just changed the text and color to make it a Season’s greeting card for myself… haha…MERRY CHRISTMAS and a successful year ahead:) Cheers!!!