Educational book’s illustrations part 3.

Before working on this project, I never know that there are ‘layers’ in the rainforest. There are different types of animals and plants residing in different layers of the rainforest. The 4 layers of the Fragile forest are – Emergent Layer: which is the highest layer and no animals to be represented here. Canopy Layer: where you can find animals like Flying fox, sloth, red lory, pinon pigeon, tree kangaroo and plants like bird nest ferns. Understorey Layer: where young trees, bushes, shrubs to be found here and 3 main types of butterfly namely tree nymph butterfly, malayan lacewing butterfly and great eggfly butterfly. Forest Floor: is where you will find dead trees, decomposing leaves, small bushes, ferns and animals like rhino beetle, giant snail, black scorpion, mousedeer, blue crowned pigeon, blue duiker, etc.

So this is consider one of the tougher illustration for this educational book. This is how the final illustration looks…


The next more complex illustration for this educational book will be the drawing of our HDB Neighbourhood. In which I have to include background of HDB flats, MRT track, People walking or jogging, stray cats, school and a shopping mall. Luckily, it is just in black and white line drawing:)

I also did another with some texture and shade added…

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