Be Strong! Japan!

The recent massive quake and tsunami that hit Japan was devastating. It is really shocking and terrifying to see how powerful the destruction from the mother nature can be. No matter how many times I see those videos/photos, it still feels so unreal.

Even though I have never been to Japan, it definitely has a great influence on me. I grew up reading lots of Japanese comic books (Manga) and have been inspired, motivated and influenced on my passion for art and drawing. Hence, it is especially sad to see what has happened to Japan. God bless Japan!

To Japan: 加油!加油!… Be Strong and Rise again!

In this artwork: Some of my favourite characters from various comic book titles like One Piece, Dragon ball, Rokudenashi Blues, Slam Dunk, Last Order, Berserk, Astro Boy and Akira… There are many many more other characters that I really love, but I can’t possibly finish drawing all of them.

What happened to the Cake!!

Each year, when choosing of birthday cake is concern, Shermayne will always love to choose those kind of cake printed with her favourite characters like Barbie, Disney princess, etc. So this year I decided to do a painting for her 5th Birthday and to be printed on her birthday cake. When I showed her the artwork and tell her about my idea of printing it on her cake, she was so excited.

But when I collected the cake, it was a total disappointment. The print out on the cake was so faded compare to my original artwork. What’s done cannot be undone, we just have to accept it. However, it does make me consider whether to do it again for Xavier’s birthday..??

My original artwork:

The cake version:

I also did one without the text with enhanced cloud on the background….