Bearded Dragon Tattoo.

Did my first project for the year 2012. And yes, it has to do with dragon. Was required to design a tattoo sticker base on Bearded Dragon that should appeal to kids from 3 – 12 years and of course, adults who are young at heart.  I proposed 2 designs for them to choose and below is the one they selected.

…and the proposed but not selected one…

2012! Enter The Dragon!

This is my first post of the year and Chinese New Year is just few hours away.  This year, we are entering the year of the Dragon and it really excite me as I have not been painting/drawing any dragon for ages. Especially traditional chinese dragon. I must admit, once I started drawing dragon again, I got addicted.  I enjoyed doing this CNY greeting illustration so much that I did not 1, but 3 of them.  2 personal and 1 for my company Cashmax Jewelry.

For the first time, I included my wife and myself in the painting. So I finally have my own ‘family’ painting.:)

For the second painting, I try using colorful strokes and lines to create motions and movements to the painting. This way, I hope to make it more interesting out of something simple.

The last one, which I did for my company, I wanted to create something that looks like a paper-cut and at the same time with a vintage feel:)