The Good Orange and The Bad Orange!

Today’s post is gonna be quite unusual as it is not about my art or illustration. I’m going to write about an experiment my wife and I did to show our children the importance of using positive words and having a positive thinking. This experiment also shows the horrible and shocking effect when one uses negative words or have negative thinking. Having said that, please pardon my writing as it’s not what I do best or even good at, but focus on the objective of this experiment.

As per the title of this post, We call this experiment ‘The Good Orange and The Bad Orange’. Basically what we did was simple. We chose 2 identical oranges with similar texture, size and shape (make sure both do not have any spots on them). Place them into a separate clear container with one labelled as ‘The good Orange’ and the other as ‘The Bad Orange’. After all the preparation, we can now begin with the experiment. We start ‘talking’ to the 2 oranges separately.

All we did were to talk all the positive words, like “you’re such a sweet orange”, “you’re such a beautiful orange”, “you behaved so well today”, “we’re so proud of you”, etc. any good positive words or praises that you can think of. Likewise, for ‘The Bad Orange’, we talked all the negative and bad words like ” you’re a loser”, “you’re so ugly”, “why you always behave so badly”,etc. We did this once a day (usually at night before we went to bed) and recorded the process via photo taking. It would also be good if you can get your children to do the talking together so that they can have a sense of involvement and most importantly have a ‘first-hand’ feel of this experiment.

Day 1 to Day 4 of the process.

Processed with MOLDIV

Day 5 to Day 10. Basically there is not much changes to the both oranges at this stage. But from Day 20 onward, the result and outcome can be quite shocking!

Processed with MOLDIV

At Day 22, we start to see ‘The Bad Orange’ started to turn bad while ‘The Good Orange’ remain unchanged.


From here on, ‘The Bad Orange’ got worsen each day while ‘The Good Orange’ pretty much stays the same.


day26 day28 day30

At Day 36, ‘The Bad Orange’ has turned ‘completely bad’ while the ‘The Good Orange’ still remain more or less the same. At this point of time, we believe we have met the objective of this experiment and could now end it.


The result and outcome of this experiment is so shocking that it makes us reflect on words or the choice of words we used towards people, especially our children, can sometimes be really hurtful and harmful. As a parent myself, I understand how children can sometime misbehave that could really drives you crazy. However, we as parent must always learn to know the different between ‘misbehave’ from ‘unintentional mistakes’. Like some parent, I’m also guilty of scolding them harshly when I sometime mistaken their ‘unintentional mistakes’ as ‘misbehave’. So from now on, I will try my best to stay as calm as I could to understand what really happened before talking to them.

Sometimes parents frequently tell their children that they’re not living up to their potential, thinking that the use of ‘reserve psychology’ will make them work harder. Too often I hear parents say in a teasing tone like :”I’m sure you can’t do this, prove me wrong” or “I don’t think you can make it, show me if you can”, hoping that this might encourage them to do it. I believe in the long run this will have the opposite effect. This is one of the thing that I constantly remind myself not to do or say to my children. A simple direct encouragement is far more effective here as how our children feel about themselves is more important than how others feel about them.

Continually point out the flaws in our children is also one of the common mistake that parents do. Constant criticism like “you just so lazy”, “did you even try” or ” you’re always so untidy” would eventually turn them to ‘The Bad Orange’ like this experiment. Instead, we could always find the little good things from their flaws and motivate them to be better next time.

I would also like to highlight that this post is not a post about parenting tips as I’m far from expert on parenting. The main objective is as per what I mentioned at the beginning of the post, to show the importance of positive words and how negative words can affect the orange. Like every parents, we hope to be a better person each day to lead by example for our children. So this post also serve as a record and reminder to always speak positively to our children as well as to others. Spread LOVE not hate:)













DIY Minion Lantern.

Mid-autumn Festival is coming soon and one of Shermayne’s school project is to create a handmade lantern using recycled materials particularly empty milk carton. She asked me for opinion and help. So we started to discuss and brainstormed on it. She suggested house, boat and I suggested animals like elephant, cow, rabbit, etc. Nothing really special or unusual strike us. After further discussion and study on the shape of the milk carton, I finally suggested making a Minion. Yes. The Minion from the famous “Despicable Me”. We are all excited and agreeable on this idea and I began to sketch out the idea.



After sketching out the idea, we began to discuss on the materials and equipments needed. We then gathered all the items needed for this project.


Things needed :

  • Empty milk carton
  • Glue
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Ice-cream sticks
  • Acrylic paint (White,Blue and Yellow)
  • Paint brushes
  • Double-sided tape
  • Markers
  • Crayon (white or light gray)
  • String or thread
  • Pen knife and scissors

We are now ready to start:)

Using the marker, we first drew the mouth and cut it out using the pen knife or scissor. Do not throw the ‘cut out’ portion of the mouth, we need that for the ‘hands’ later.



Cutting and preparing for the goggles and eyes.


Cutting and preparing for the ‘teeth’ and ‘hands’.


Once everything is done, we are now ready to start painting:)



Painting of ‘hands’ and assemble the goggles using glue or double-sided tape.


Once done, we can now assemble all parts together using glue or double-sided tape. I personally prefer double-sided tape as it is less messy.


Now we are left with some very minor details to add on. Using the black marker, we can add some ‘hair’ on it and using the light color crayon, we can add some ‘dashed line’ on their overalls. Then we are all done!


Taadaaa… Our DIY Minion lantern!


This is definitely a fun and exciting family activity. Do try it out:)

What happened to the Cake!!

Each year, when choosing of birthday cake is concern, Shermayne will always love to choose those kind of cake printed with her favourite characters like Barbie, Disney princess, etc. So this year I decided to do a painting for her 5th Birthday and to be printed on her birthday cake. When I showed her the artwork and tell her about my idea of printing it on her cake, she was so excited.

But when I collected the cake, it was a total disappointment. The print out on the cake was so faded compare to my original artwork. What’s done cannot be undone, we just have to accept it. However, it does make me consider whether to do it again for Xavier’s birthday..??

My original artwork:

The cake version:

I also did one without the text with enhanced cloud on the background….

Officially (MR) – MINDEF Reserve.

Out pro from my last ICT today. With this, I have finally completed my NS training cycle (12 years since my ORD) and will be phased to MINDEF Reserve (MR) with the effect from 30 April 2010. I have been waiting for this day for years, and when I finally received my MR cert and watch, the feeling was so surreal. It also makes me feel how fast time really flies.

The only thing that I’d miss about the ICT are a group of buddies who have been together since our active days. They are a group of fun and wonderful people. So let’s hope we have more Army gathering from now on.:)

CNY songs sung by Shermayne.

Shermayne learned some CNY songs from her childcare. Not the usual CNY songs though (except for the last song), they are actually some simple nursery rhythm where they changed the lyrics. I find it quite cute and decided to record it down.

The first song is entitled: Red Packets

Mummy give me 1 red packet
Daddy give me 1 red packet
Teacher give me 1 red packet
I have 3 packets
Vocal: Shermayne
Backing vocal: Xavier

Second songs entitled: Little oranges

little oranges round and sweet
one for you and one for me.
Vocal: Shermayne
Backing vocal: Xavier

…and last song: 恭喜 恭喜

咚咚咚锵 咚咚咚锵
Everybody happy
Father Mother Children
Grandpa and Grandmother
恭喜 恭喜 恭喜你呀
恭喜 恭喜 恭喜你
咚咚咚锵 咚咚咚锵
就是恭喜 恭喜
Vocal: Shermayne
Backing vocal: Xavier, Grandpa and Mummy

First post and first buy in twenty ten.

This is indeed a great start in 2010. I have been eyeing on the iPhone ever since Singtel launched it back in 2008. Finally when M1 launched their iPhone, I’m eager to get one. My wife and I went down to M1 shop yesterday to check on the plans and re-contract for iPhone. However, the staff told us that my wife’s contract ended already, but my current contract will only due in December 2010 and there will be a penalty of $100 if I were to re-contract now. I was so disappointed upon hearing this… then he continued…. “but this penalty of $100 will be waived if you purchase the iPhone…”. Yeah!!! That is what we wanted to buy:)

The queue was long and we waited for about an hour before we were being served by the friendly staff of M1. Then, we spent about another 1 and a half hour understanding the iPhone plan and doing all the necessary documents. While doing the documents, we took out our hand phones and asked:” do you think we can trade-in our current phones?”…. He took a look at our phones and to our surprise, my very ragged and dirty phone still worth $90 while my wife’s well taken care and (IMO) better phone was rejected. I remember getting my phone at $0 when I signed my previous contract and now they are buying back at $90??!!! What a Great Deal!! Haha…:)

Now we finally have our iPhone. White for my wife and black for myself.:)

Sexy back of the iPhone.

…and oh… this will be our pre-valentine’s day gift exchange.:) Cool!