Happy Valentine’s Day to all…

Christmas is around the corner, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2010.:)

This interview video was done by my friend, Kerine and her team (KJBS Production). It was for her school team project, where they need to feature local art scene. We are really glad to be featured in their project. Thanks to their patient for our NGs during the filming of this video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The Comic Heroes“, posted with vodpod


We are so excited about it. Super Zeroes Comic ( created by Keeve and Kang) is finally release and available in the stores. Super Zeroes comic is published by Chuang Yi and supported by MDA, FTWIPI and NBCS.

The 6-issue anthology project  – MUGEN has finally come to an end after the release of MUGEN issue 6. It has been almost 2 years since our Super Zeroes comic started it series in this anthology and now it has reached the final stage – ‘Super Zeroes solo book production’. 2 years of tough but exciting learning journey. Gained lot of valuable experiences on professional graphic novel production and made new friends who share the same dream.

This solo book marks another milestone for our Super Zeroes comic since it official launch as ‘dot. comic’ back in March 2006. We definitely do not wish our first book to be our last. This branch of Super Zeroes have more adventures waiting ahead for them and we are more then eager to share with our readers. Last but not least, SUPPORT LOCAL HEROES! SUPPORT SUPER ZEROES!!


Pre-order our Super Zeroes Comic book is now available at only SGD$7.90. Price include postage within Singapore. Special arrange can be made for postage outside Singapore. Drop us a line or message with your contact for further details.

Superzeroes- created by Keeve and Kang

Superzeroes- created by Keeve and Kang

Superzeroes is a online comic created by Keeve and Kang.

We were also the 10 selected finalists chosen in the First-Time Writers & Illustrators Publishing Initiative (FTWIPI) — an island-wide event hunt for new comic creators organized and endorsed by the MDA (Media Development Authority) — our creations will be serialised in a 6-issue anthology called MUGEN!

This 6-issue anthology project serves both as a platform to gain exposure and expereince, while giving readers a smorgasbord of fresh and exciting comics to choose from! With other exclusive articles close to comic readers’ hearts, Mugen is set to raise the bar for made-in-Singapore comics and define the way comics are meant to be!

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