FUN @ Sentosa.

Drove in to Sentosa on 27 June 2009. It was the first time we brought Shermayne and Xavier there. While on the way there, I told Shermayne there is a very huge ‘Merlion’ in Sentosa and she was pretty excited about it. When we actually drove pass the Merlion, she was shocked to see such a ‘huge’ merlionhaha.

We arrived at late afternoon and spend most of our time at the beach. The kids were really having so much fun, especially Shermayne, as she became very chatty with a big wide smile on her face.:) Xavier, however was sleeping while the rest of the kids were having fun:(

We wanted to watch the ‘Songs of the Sea’, unfortunately, the tickets for 7.30pm were all sold out! So we decided to bring them up close to the Merlion. Although the sky was getting dark, taking a few pictures with the Merlion was a MUST! That is Shermayne’s favorite:)

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CNY Spring Cleaning Part 2

I finally found something fun and exciting about spring cleaning.. haha. During the process of checking and reorganizing my stuffs, I found lot of old books and artworks, which I long forgotten about it. Now they look so new to me… hahaha.

Basically this CNY Spring cleaning post is not really to show the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ look of my room. But more of ‘showing off’ my comic and illustration books collection.:P

Some of my illustration books collections
My comic/manga collections
Some of the completed title
Revealing the inner part of the shelve
Start packing in all the comic

I also found some of my old artworks which I did for my freelance and during my Singapore Science Centre days. Looking at my old artworks, I realise technically I might have improve quite a bit, but I somehow feel that I lacked the creativity I used to have:( Maybe I need more motivations and inspirations…*sign*

Some of my old artworks and designs

CNY Spring Cleaning Part 1

Ok. I know the Chinese New Year is long over…. and I admit I’m a slow blogger. However, slow is still better than none…:P

I believe spring cleaning before CNY is a standard practise for everyone. Cleaning the mess and clearing unwanted stuffs does take up plenty of time. I took 2 days of leave just to clean the mess and reorganise my comic books in my study room. Can you imagine how messy my room was…haha.

I also took some pictures to show how messy my room was…
My work desks are always in a mess…
Comic books were all in a mess…
I’m really running out place to store my comic books…

Looking at the mess, I was totally at a lost. I do not know where to start! Soon I realise I have to remove almost all my books from the shelves/cupboard, reorganise the titles, wipe both the books and shelves, and finally pack them back nicely. I tell you… it was a tough job!!!!

Same goes for my work desks. Firstly, I removed almost everything from the desk, slowly went through all the stuffs on my table and trashed all unwanted stuffs. It was a time consuming process!

To be continued….