Year of The Rooster 2017.

No more ‘Monkey Business’. Let’s ‘talk cock’ and sing song. Wishing everyone good health, wealth and a prosperous Year of Rooster 2017. Cheers:)




This October is the first year that I took on the INKTOBER challenge. To produce 1 ink drawing per day for 31 days can be quite challenging especially with a day job to juggle. I’m glad I managed to accomplish this challenge and really enjoyed myself in the process.

Few years ago, I used to draw and write to both my children daily notes to give them some words of encouragement before they go to school. Soon I found it hard to keep up with my drawing and my daily notes became weekly notes and eventually stopped after about a year and half:(

Taking this INKTOBER challenge as an opportunity to build up my drawing cards so that I can eventually keep up to at least twice a week:)

As these drawing cards that I did are going to be in pair, so I did my INKTOBER challenge in a set of 2 drawings every 2 days instead of 1 per day.

Set 1: Day 1 and 2



Set 2 : Day 3 & 4



Set 3 : Day 5 & 6



Set 4 : Day 7 & 8



Set 5 : Day 9 & 10



Set 6 : Day 11 & 12



Set 7 : 13 & 14



Set 8 : Day 15 & 16



Set 9 : Day 17 & 18



Set 10 : Day 19 & 20



Set 11 : Day 21 & 22



Set 12 : Day 23 & 24



Set 13 : Day 25 & 26



Set 14 : Day 27 & 28



Set 15 : Day 29 & 30



Day 31, which is also the last day and last piece of INKTOBER and since it is the last one, I did it for my wife instead of the children.


Happy 10th Birthday Shermayne.

Today is Shermayne’s 10th birthday!! 10 years ago you came into our life and bring so much joys and laughter. People always say your child is a reflection of you. How true. We always see some little me and little mummy in you. It makes us want to be better each day. We are so Glad to have you in our life. Thanks for being our daughter and thoughtful Sister to Xavier. Wish you a Happy 10th Birthday, good health, stay happy and laugh more often:)

Photo 21-2-16, 11 00 30 PM