Water Droplet.

Always wanted to try taking pictures of water droplets, so decided to try it out after one of the raining day. Nothing fanciful, just another simple attempt using Raynox 250. I changed the tone in Photoshop and pushed up the contrast. I believe shooting morning dew will be much more exciting and beautiful. However, there is one major problem…. which mean I will have to wake up very early in the morning… which will be extremely tough for me. Ha ha…


Macros Using Raynox 250.

Bought the Raynox 150 and 250 online and was excited to try it out. Before trying, I saw lot of very nice macros shots taken using Raynox in some photography forum, and thought it would be easy to provide equally nice or even better pictures:P However, I soon realise it wasn’t as easy as what I have expected. It was tough, especially in the focusing part. Lot of practices needed to achieve good result. Anyway, here are my 2 humble attempt:)