Be Strong! Japan!

The recent massive quake and tsunami that hit Japan was devastating. It is really shocking and terrifying to see how powerful the destruction from the mother nature can be. No matter how many times I see those videos/photos, it still feels so unreal.

Even though I have never been to Japan, it definitely has a great influence on me. I grew up reading lots of Japanese comic books (Manga) and have been inspired, motivated and influenced on my passion for art and drawing. Hence, it is especially sad to see what has happened to Japan. God bless Japan!

To Japan: 加油!加油!… Be Strong and Rise again!

In this artwork: Some of my favourite characters from various comic book titles like One Piece, Dragon ball, Rokudenashi Blues, Slam Dunk, Last Order, Berserk, Astro Boy and Akira… There are many many more other characters that I really love, but I can’t possibly finish drawing all of them.

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Art card design 1
Art card design 2

Super Zeroes Comic Book!


The 6-issue anthology project  – MUGEN has finally come to an end after the release of MUGEN issue 6. It has been almost 2 years since our Super Zeroes comic started it’s series in this anthology and now it has reached the final stage – ‘Super Zeroes solo book production’. 2 years of tough but exciting learning journey. Gained lots of valuable experiences on professional graphic novel production and made new friends who share the same dream.

This solo book marks another milestone for our Super Zeroes comic since it’s official launch as ‘dot. comic’ back in March 2006. We definitely do not wish our first book to be our last. This branch of Super Zeroes have more adventures waiting ahead for them and we are more then eager to share with our readers. Last but not least, SUPPORT LOCAL HEROES! SUPPORT SUPER ZEROES!!


Pre-order our Super Zeroes Comic book is now available at only SGD$7.90. Price include postage within Singapore. Special arrange can be made for postage outside Singapore. Drop us a line or message with your contact for further details.