Officially (MR) – MINDEF Reserve.

Out pro from my last ICT today. With this, I have finally completed my NS training cycle (12 years since my ORD) and will be phased to MINDEF Reserve (MR) with the effect from 30 April 2010. I have been waiting for this day for years, and when I finally received my MR cert and watch, the feeling was so surreal. It also makes me feel how fast time really flies.

The only thing that I’d miss about the ICT are a group of buddies who have been together since our active days. They are a group of fun and wonderful people. So let’s hope we have more Army gathering from now on.:)

First post and first buy in twenty ten.

This is indeed a great start in 2010. I have been eyeing on the iPhone ever since Singtel launched it back in 2008. Finally when M1 launched their iPhone, I’m eager to get one. My wife and I went down to M1 shop yesterday to check on the plans and re-contract for iPhone. However, the staff told us that my wife’s contract ended already, but my current contract will only due in December 2010 and there will be a penalty of $100 if I were to re-contract now. I was so disappointed upon hearing this… then he continued…. “but this penalty of $100 will be waived if you purchase the iPhone…”. Yeah!!! That is what we wanted to buy:)

The queue was long and we waited for about an hour before we were being served by the friendly staff of M1. Then, we spent about another 1 and a half hour understanding the iPhone plan and doing all the necessary documents. While doing the documents, we took out our hand phones and asked:” do you think we can trade-in our current phones?”…. He took a look at our phones and to our surprise, my very ragged and dirty phone still worth $90 while my wife’s well taken care and (IMO) better phone was rejected. I remember getting my phone at $0 when I signed my previous contract and now they are buying back at $90??!!! What a Great Deal!! Haha…:)

Now we finally have our iPhone. White for my wife and black for myself.:)

Sexy back of the iPhone.

…and oh… this will be our pre-valentine’s day gift exchange.:) Cool!

Mid-autumn Festival 2009 @ Marina Barrage

Just realized that I have not post anything for more than a month already.:P… and mid-autumn festival is over for more than a week. Ok, I admit I’m always slow in updating my blog. I’ve been rather busy with works recently… or just being lazy.

Anyway, this year we celebrated the mid-autumn festival @ Marina Barrage. The kids were all having fun with their lanterns while the adults were relaxing and enjoying their mooncakes with chinese tea. All thanks to Steven for bringing his tea set and tea. I must say this was really an enjoyable gathering despite the cloudy day which almost had us change our plan. We have everything we need/want for this Mid-autumn festival, except that “Mr Moon” was absent. 😦

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Shermayne and Xavier Part 2.

Sharing another 2 random snapshots of Shermayne and Xavier. These 2 photos were actually taken somewhere in Sept last year. Sometime looking at photos make you realise how fast kids can ‘grow’ and how merciless time can be…. haha. Please pardon my ‘back dated’ photos post. I need more time to go through all the photos in my hard drive and choose the photos I like best before I post it here.



FUN @ Sentosa.

Drove in to Sentosa on 27 June 2009. It was the first time we brought Shermayne and Xavier there. While on the way there, I told Shermayne there is a very huge ‘Merlion’ in Sentosa and she was pretty excited about it. When we actually drove pass the Merlion, she was shocked to see such a ‘huge’ merlionhaha.

We arrived at late afternoon and spend most of our time at the beach. The kids were really having so much fun, especially Shermayne, as she became very chatty with a big wide smile on her face.:) Xavier, however was sleeping while the rest of the kids were having fun:(

We wanted to watch the ‘Songs of the Sea’, unfortunately, the tickets for 7.30pm were all sold out! So we decided to bring them up close to the Merlion. Although the sky was getting dark, taking a few pictures with the Merlion was a MUST! That is Shermayne’s favorite:)

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Happy 1st Brithday… Xavier!

Xavier turns 1 on 17th April. We held a small celebration for him at our house on 12th April. The kids were all having lots of fun while the adults were busy catching up with each other. Too bad our house wasn’t big enough, if not we might be able to invite more friends.

He had his hair cut few days before the celebration. I heard he cried through out… T_T
A group photo of the kids playing in our bedroom. It’s so diffcult to get all the kids to pose in front of the camera…. they will never keep still..
Solo shot of Xavier.
Getting ready for the ‘Tu-tu train’….
Playing with bubbles outside the lift lobby….
Singing of birthday song to Xavier. It was Justin’s Birthday as well and we bought a separate cake for him too:)
Xavier and Shermayne really enjoy eating the cake…

On the actual day of his Birthday, 17th April, we bought another cake and had another round of cake cutting session with him again.

Unwrapping of presents….
Happy 1st Birthday…. Xavier!!!