It’s Party Time!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2012 ahead. This year Shermayne and Xavier are also inviting their friends to our house for a mini X’mas party. So as usual, I will have to do the invitation card for them. Before I even started doing this invitation, Shermayne has already done hers and she showed it to me and said she wants her ‘invitation card’ to ‘appear’ in my illustration, just like last year. I’m so happy to know that she actually enjoy doing the artwork with me:)

Season's Greetings

Below is a close-up on Shermayne’s ‘invitation card’.

Signage for Penguin Wonderland.

Beside doing the individual penguin illustration for the Penguin Wonderland Exhibit, I was also given the opportunity to work on some illustrations for the signage.

Below is how those illustrations look with the text layout. I not sure how the actual signage will look like as I’m not the one doing the layout, just have to make sure there is enough space for the designer to lay the text.

Kow’s Farm.

Commissioned by a friend of mine to do a family painting for his new house. His idea for the painting is to have them as cowboys and girl and the background will be on a grassland with cows. My initial concept and idea was to paint something more action packed and fun. So I did a quick sketch shown below.

But on second thought, I decided not to use this idea. There are a few reasons for not using or further developing this idea. This idea might seem energetic and lot of fun in it, but my friend (who is the owner of the house) might eventually looks ‘small’ in the final painting due to it’s composition. Also the wife and son riding on the cow with him chasing behind might seem like they are ‘running away’ from him. Hahaha…. So I decided to trash this idea.

Then I begin to work along on something more peaceful and relaxing as I find it to be more appropriate for something hanging on the living hall’s wall. Finally the below sketch was the one that I emailed to my friend for approval.

Upon approval, I began working on it and here is the final painting to be printed out in 100cm x 70cm.

Penguin Wonderland Part 1

Did some penguin illustrations for Jurong Bird Park for their “Penguin Wonderland” last December. Before taking up this project, I have little knowledge about penguin and do not know there are so many different species of penguin. These illustrations of penguin were all done individually as it is to be printed out in ‘life-size’. Even though this project was done last year, I have yet to see the ‘finished product’ myself. This is also the reason why it took me 6 months to upload these illustrations, as my initial plan was to take some pictures of the ‘finished product’ at Jurong Bird Park and upload it together with these illustrations. Hope I will have the time to do that soon. Meanwhile, I will just uplaod the illustrations first. First batch…

♫♬♪ Happy Birthday to Xavier…♬♩♪

Xavier will be turning 3 this 17 April. Like what I did for shermayne, I painted a birthday greeting for him. Due to my bad experience on printing on the birthday cake, I decided not to do so anymore. Will just be printing it and maybe framing it up:) The idea of this painting, is to see them enjoying things that they love, singing and playing the guitar/Ukulele (maybe for now,playing the guitar/Ukulele is what I wish they would love rather than they actually love it.. haha). Anyway, I just hope that both Xavier and Shermayne will grow up to be happy and healthy person. Happy Birthday Xavier!!!

As usual, I did another one without the ‘Text’.

I will also be posting the step-by-step process of this painting soon. So please stay tuned!:)

What happened to the Cake!!

Each year, when choosing of birthday cake is concern, Shermayne will always love to choose those kind of cake printed with her favourite characters like Barbie, Disney princess, etc. So this year I decided to do a painting for her 5th Birthday and to be printed on her birthday cake. When I showed her the artwork and tell her about my idea of printing it on her cake, she was so excited.

But when I collected the cake, it was a total disappointment. The print out on the cake was so faded compare to my original artwork. What’s done cannot be undone, we just have to accept it. However, it does make me consider whether to do it again for Xavier’s birthday..??

My original artwork:

The cake version:

I also did one without the text with enhanced cloud on the background….