Old Photos New Look.

10 more days and we will say good-bye to 2009.  The reason for this post is because I do not wish to end my December without a single post…. hahaha. Therefore, I going to ‘cheat’ a little. I’m going to use some old photos taken same where this year and add some spice to give it a ‘New Look’. This way, at least I have something ‘new’ to post..:P

I removed the color of the background in this photo, so that more focus and attention will be on Xavier’s expression.

Black and white version. I added some texture to the background.

For this… I try to create a more vintage look by desaturating the color and adding texture to it.

The black and white version.

I like this shot a lot, as I find the kite in the sky was a good ‘catch’. It really makes the composition of this photo looks great:)

The following 2 shots are good friends of Shermayne and Xavier. Introducing…. Justin and Joelle!!! They are also my usual ‘model’ during the weekends when they meet up to play.

I personally like this photo of Justin a lot. It would be perfect if I could move a step backward to get a better focus on him…. Hope for better luck next time:P

For Joelle’s photo, I really love the angle of this shot. I cropped a little off the left and added texture to it as well:)

Chinese Temple.

I had my ‘1 hour of free time‘ again, so it’s time for some leisure walk about and photos taking. It was my first time walking into a temple with a camera and I am not sure if they allow photography. Anyway, I did not see any sign that says ‘No Photography’, so I think I am safe:) It was a Saturday afternoon and surprisingly, there weren’t many people around except for a few tourists. Ha… it was a perfect opportunity for me as I try to ‘blend in’ and act as if I’m one of them and happily snapping away. Still I don’t feel too comfortable being alone, so after taking a few shots, I decided to leave.

Here are 3 pictures to share…



I also did another one in black and white version.


Shermayne and Xavier Part 2.

Sharing another 2 random snapshots of Shermayne and Xavier. These 2 photos were actually taken somewhere in Sept last year. Sometime looking at photos make you realise how fast kids can ‘grow’ and how merciless time can be…. haha. Please pardon my ‘back dated’ photos post. I need more time to go through all the photos in my hard drive and choose the photos I like best before I post it here.



Food Photography Part 3

This will be the last set of photos I have for this project. I realized that there are a good range of pizzas variety in San Francisco Bay Cafe. They sure look nice and smell good. In fact the last 2 photos were actually taken when I had my dinner there with a group of friends someday after the shooting session. The pizza definitely tasted good, unfortunately, I can’t remember the name for that pizza. As you can see, the 2 photos are much warmer in color as they were taken with only the external flash from my camera.






Food Photography Part 2.

The set up for this photo shoot was basically very simple as we do not have any fanciful equipments. Items that we used are : a piece of white mahjong paper, two table lamps and external flash with difusser mounted on our cameras. The most challenging part in this photo shoot was shooting the drinks and sundaes. The sundaes and the ice in the drinks melt off so fast that we did not have any time to react or plan our shots, hence most of the photos for the drinks and sundaes were not decent.






An Hour of free time…

Occasionally, after sending Shermayne to her enrichment class on Saturday, I have an hour of “free time”. This is the only time when I actually walk around with my camera and taking pictures. I not really into land/city-scapes photography, therefore there are usually not much good photos taken…haha. However, I do enjoy the moment of “freedom”.:)

boontatstFor the above picture, I played around with the channel mixer in PS, trying to make this ordinary shot looks a little special.

sexplorerA row of trishaws at Chinatown area.

carNo words needed for this…. my dream car… haha….