It’s Party Time!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2012 ahead. This year Shermayne and Xavier are also inviting their friends to our house for a mini X’mas party. So as usual, I will have to do the invitation card for them. Before I even started doing this invitation, Shermayne has already done hers and she showed it to me and said she wants her ‘invitation card’ to ‘appear’ in my illustration, just like last year. I’m so happy to know that she actually enjoy doing the artwork with me:)

Season's Greetings

Below is a close-up on Shermayne’s ‘invitation card’.

X’mas Invitation and Season’s Greeting.

This year, I did an invitation card for Shermayne and Xavier to invite their friends to our X’mas party. Something special about this invitation card is that I actually got Shermayne involved in creating this illustration. I asked her to draw a snowman, X’mas tree and write the words “merry x’mas” and sign off with her name. I then put her drawing in as part of my illustration. So this is the first artwork that is officially collaborated by Shermayne and myself, with both our signature on it.:)

Here is the close-up on Shermayne’s drawing….Next year, I will definitely get Xavier involve as well.

To make life easier for me, I just changed the text and color to make it a Season’s greeting card for myself… haha…MERRY CHRISTMAS and a successful year ahead:) Cheers!!!